1. White Muslims are tired of being chosen as “white saviours” for the immigrant community. We will reject these stations unless we advocate that Black Muslims should be given the same types of positions at the masjid.
  2. The White Muslim sub-community wants to be known as a group that does not support White Supremacy in any way, only the preservation of our culture and peaceful spreading of the message of Islam to both our qawm and the Black communities in the West.
  3. Even though we will have different sub-communities , we will still be fulfulling the Islamic obligation of every Muslim. We will give salams to each other when we see each other, visiting the sick, praying in Jama’ah, eating iftar together, and praying at each other’s funerals.
  4. We will make sure that our sisters, no matter their skin colour, will have full participation and voice in our talks and meetings, as long as their honor and rights to privacy are respected. This includes being able to pray and fulfill their Islamic obligations at each other’s events.
  5. Rejection of both chauvinism and feminism, support for maintenance of the nuclear family and rejection of gossip that leads to divorce.
  6. We still want the Ummah to be unified but we reject the melting pot solution of Islamic leadership that we are all exactly the same and we should all act, dress, and speak the same, intermarrying each other with little to no consideration of cultural differences.
  7. To support white Muslims marrying each other and starting white Muslim families, and forming white Muslim sub communities just like every other Muslim sub-community. Likewise, to support Black Muslims marrying each other, who have a much more difficult time getting married than us.
  8. We will take the responsibility of giving da’wah to and debating white racists and white nationalists, establishing dialogue for the safety of the entire Muslim community in the West.
  9. Complete acceptance of Muslim families and children who are from mixed backgrounds
  10. We will work hand-in-hand, supporting each other’s economic and spiritual development, while at the same time respecting each other’s personal space.
  11. Support for other indigenous Muslim groups who wish to start an Islamic sub-community of their own (this of course includes Latino Muslims, who have done a tremendous job of spreading Islam in their own communities)
  12. Establish dialogue with the immigrant Muslim community to support our advocacy that each group deserves a Muslim sub-community that belongs to the greater Ummah.

R0bert, I4E in the Canada


  1. Solid game plan – MashaAllah!

    • Also, for the encouraging of white Muslims marrying each other, you need to have the prerequisite; white aunties that have networking and matchmaking skills – don’t underestimate the value of these ladies in the community!

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