This post is to explain why white converts in the West feel so marginalized by their fellow Muslims, and what we can do to ameliorate the situation of our fellow Muslims in the West.

Daw’ah, or calling the people to Islam, is a fard kiffayah (communal obligation) in some madhabs, and fard ayn (individual obligation) in others. The former means that if at least some Muslims complete this action the whole community is excused, if no one completes it, the whole community is at fault. Recently, There is a “sheikh” who said on Al Jazeera, after asked by the interviewer as how to establish dialogue with those who do not like Islam. He flatly replied “we don’t talk to Islamophobes/racists (I.e. anyone who voted Trump).” He also stated his dismay that Muslims in the West are in a race to “be more white” (whatever that means). The first disconcerting thing is that it gives the false idea that Islam is a “race” (the same misconception we were trying to eliminate) and that whites are the sole haters of Islam (spend a few minutes with Christian Arabs and you will change your mind). There are indeed several WNs who converted to Islam and rejected racism. There are also several WNs who are dismayed by the support for Trump and have an admiration for Islam despite the actions of non practicing Muslims chasing the Dunya in the West. Perhaps some white people do not like Muslims not because of their skin colour, but because they see planes flying into buildings, Muslims plowing trucks through populated areas, and female genital mutilation. Perhaps it because Muslims on social media have created the “sixth pillar”of Islam called hate whitey. Hadiths and Ayahs have been replaced by quotes from their white liberal slave masters. SubhanAllah, it is a miracle that not all non Muslims in the West hate us. Do we just suddenly say “forget dawah to these group of people, Allah has cursed them.” To take it a step further, to go on national television and advise the whole Ummah in the West to do the same thing? Should we stop giving dawah to Chinese and Indian citizens because of their antipathy towards their Muslim minorities? This brings up another issue, in that anti Intellectualism among the Muslim community is affecting the Muslim youth and creating a crisis of faith. By screaming “racist!” When someone asks a legitimate question about Islam, it honestly seems like we have something to hide, and our Muslim kids are starting to believe it. But that is for another article.

To be fair, we must understand this brother’s situation. He gets death threats from WNs, and he is now completely allied with Black Lives Matter. So he now has to say these things. He believes white supremacy is all encompassing and eternal, and that a white person is born and bred to hate people of colour, with a few exceptions. Many Muslims believe this to a large extent, which makes him one of the most well loved spokesperson for Islam in the West. (We get it, you guys don’t like us).

This difficulty of giving dawah and accepting converts to those whose tribe is at odds with the Muslims is not new. When Washi and Hind converted to Islam, the Prophet could not look them in the eye as they killed his uncle. Similarly, many Palestinians believe that even if Israelis converted to Islam it would still not solve the conflict (see the Corey Gil Shuster video in regards to this). In the 21st century in the West, many Muslims feel the same way about white people. At the most, you can become their “ally”; actually converting means you have suddenly fewer privilege points than them (how dare you). And I don’t see this improving any time soon, as the marketing of Islam as a religion for the white man is closing fast. Soon the only Muslim group that will answer your questions will be the Tableeghi Jamaat.

But where does that leave the white convert to Islam in the West? We have no choice but to give dawah to our family members, as we cannot cut family ties. The most disheartening thing about this is that if you read the comments section of this interview, 100% of the Muslims agree with this “sheikh”. It is almost as if they would choose to completely get rid of white people altogether if they could (15 years ago they had the same sentiment towards Jews), or at least that the struggle against the white nationalist bogeyman Trumps (no pun intended) actually explaining the misconceptions about Islam. This isn’t just for whites but for more education for our Ummah.

Where do we go from here? What is the solution? As I stated before, dawah is fard kiffayah. Establish an organization of white converts that give dawah to our fellow countrymen and women. We can establish dialogue with Stefan Molyneux, Sargon of Akkad, Jordan Peterson, and others who are willing to debate, so it does not look like we as an Ummah have something to hide. Or, If an Islamophobe approaches a POC Muslim asking questions, simply give them our card. That way you don’t have to talk to another white person the rest of your life if you don’t want to, and the communal obligation of Dawah to the white community will be satisfied. Or, we can continue to take the Liberal, Marxist route of making Islam to be an ethnic identity group for people of colour only, instead of a religion one must read and practice. If we follow that route, In a few generations, will there be a Muslim community left to defend?

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  1. Carol Ann Coulter says:

    Sarsour does not represent White Muslims on any level. The problem, at least in the U.S. is that the Muslim organizations to not represent White Muslims. Almost all the “Muslim Leadership” does not represent White Muslims and White Muslims should not be allowing this “leadership” to appear like it does with our silence. White Muslims are fully capable to organize and represent themselves, and it is about time they do so.

    • I think this is simply a demographic issue, as numbers of native White converts increase, they will naturally be able to bring about organizations that better represent them as well as naturally take over leadership positions in existing organizations – the African American Muslim community is a good example of this already. It’s really just a numbers game.

      Immigrant Muslims are making many of their moves based on a specific fear that seems overriding everything else; that they will be booted out of their host countries – and this is making many of their decisions myopic. Obviously native converts don’t really have that fear and that’s good, we need long-term vision at the helm.

      For the record, there are plenty of immigrant Muslims like me that are sick and tired of the people-of-color identity politics diluting the Islamic message in the West.

      • Salam alaikum, thank you for your support brother. Indeed the mindset changed a lot when Trump was elected. It’s almost impossible to criticize the current Left/Islam alliance without being ridiculed. The problem is most white converts are extremely left wing and do not see the utility in maintaining and working on giving dawah to their own tribe. The challenge will be convincing them that this is not only Islamically correct but in everyone’s best interests. We do not want to be superior to people of colour, we just to add our culture to the cultural mosaic of the Ummah.

  2. Kelly Schneider says:

    “By screaming “racist!” When someone asks a legitimate question about Islam, it honestly seems like we have something to hide, and our Muslim kids are starting to believe it. ”

    A big thumbs up. Excellent article.

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