Eight years ago I wrote an article about the ideology of the new anti-Islamic crusaders, based on militant liberalism and cultural Judeo-Christianity.

And while I am sure that the Christchurch massacre is a product of this particular ideology, it should be noted that Brenton Tarrant explained his manifesto with other ideas.

Tarrant differs from Breivik in that he declares himself a European ethno-nationalist. But how consistent is he in this?

Tarrant was strongly influenced by far-right movements of Orthodox nations, whose worldview was based on the protection of the Byzantine heritage from the Turks. But genetically, Byzantium belongs to the Asia Minor world, as does Turkey. Genetically, Byzantines are no more Europeans than Turks, and Turks are not less Europeans than Byzantines.

Genetic differences between them are minimal, especially if you take the Rumelian Turks. The only difference is religion. But what has ethno-nationalism to do with it?

Tarrant says that he hates Muslims of European blood the most because they betray their cultures and their heritage. Here again, we see the argument of “cultural Christianity,” rather than ethno-nationalism, because ethnically European peoples were formed long before Christianity. And some of them culturally formed on the basis of Islam – such as Albanians or Bosnians, while preserving their ethnic identity.

Tarrant ignores all these facts, as well as the fact that there are some European Muslim converts that preserve their ethnic identity, create families with each other, give birth and raise healthy native European children, thereby increasing the number of people of European blood.

All this does not bother Tarrant, because unlike Varg Vikernes, an ethno-nationalist for decades, he is a fake nationalist, behind the mask of which lies an ordinary crusader. One who sides with Chinese communists, Buddhist fanatics, Hindu fundamentalists and Zionist extremists, rather than struggles for the ethnic preservation of European peoples, which have nothing to do with it.

Haroun Sidorov

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