Eight years ago I wrote an article about the ideology of the new anti-Islamic crusaders, based on militant liberalism and cultural Judeo-Christianity.

And while I am sure that the Christchurch massacre is a product of this particular ideology, it should be noted that Brenton Tarrant explained his manifesto with other ideas.

Tarrant differs from Breivik in that he declares himself a European ethno-nationalist. But how consistent is he in this?

Tarrant was strongly influenced by far-right movements of Orthodox nations, whose worldview was based on the protection of the Byzantine heritage from the Turks. But genetically, Byzantium belongs to the Asia Minor world, as does Turkey. Genetically, Byzantines are no more Europeans than Turks, and Turks are not less Europeans than Byzantines.

Genetic differences between them are minimal, especially if you take the Rumelian Turks. The only difference is religion. But what has ethno-nationalism to do with it?

Tarrant says that he hates Muslims of European blood the most because they betray their cultures and their heritage. Here again, we see the argument of “cultural Christianity,” rather than ethno-nationalism, because ethnically European peoples were formed long before Christianity. And some of them culturally formed on the basis of Islam – such as Albanians or Bosnians, while preserving their ethnic identity.

Tarrant ignores all these facts, as well as the fact that there are some European Muslim converts that preserve their ethnic identity, create families with each other, give birth and raise healthy native European children, thereby increasing the number of people of European blood.

All this does not bother Tarrant, because unlike Varg Vikernes, an ethno-nationalist for decades, he is a fake nationalist, behind the mask of which lies an ordinary crusader. One who sides with Chinese communists, Buddhist fanatics, Hindu fundamentalists and Zionist extremists, rather than struggles for the ethnic preservation of European peoples, which have nothing to do with it.

Haroun Sidorov


  1. Rene´ Pletat says:

    Obviously you are not much in contact with your enemy, the western far right wing, isn´t it?! The ordinary white nationalist are in the majority not interested in religious questions (another thing are spiritual questions and historical problems, but this is stuff for intellectuals). For the extreme right wing (Nouvelle Droite in France, in other countries called „New Right” and the so called “Alt- Right”= Alternative Right, neofascists and the majority of white national- socialists today) in the most western countries is christianity not worth to protecting. Many of us are against all abrahamic or semitic religions.
    Unfortunately its the selfunderstanding of the white majority in western and eastern Europe to be christian and to have christian roots (as nations). The idea of a european culture or cultures is connected for the white majority with christianity.
    What we need to preserve our ethnic (or racial) qualities and our cultural heritage is in fact a religion of our own (as the antisemitic french writer Celine told once), something special like the old european pagan- religions and mysteries which are (mostly, – if we ignore some influence like from early non- indoeuropean, asiatic culture like that of the pelasgians in Greece) pure creations of western people and reflecting our soul, the values, the warrior- spirit of our ancestors (who had; – read Fustel de Coulanges for instance- ; a racial consciousness). Lets face it: the most white nationalists give a damn of some small southern nations in Europe with strongly mixed populations like the Bosnians and the Albanians (who were never powerful nations like the english, the french or the german). They see this people as almost the same like the very unpopular turks and arabs.
    Christianity and of course the christian churches defended never the white mans cause. As whole christianity was never good for the white race or the european races (or caucasian subraces) if you prefer this terminology and the details of this question. The base of white ethno- nationalism lies in our nature.
    We own a racial instinct and have more or less exact ideas how the white Europe and the white race should be because the history of Europe went a little bit wrong in the last centuries, but generally since the days of Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix. (See in this case the historiography of the SS in the Third Reich and today the historiography of the Nouvelle Droite and the Thule Seminar!)
    Right- wing westerners (primarily conservatives) fight since 200 years (since the days of Edmund Burke, Joseph de Maistre and Alexis de Tocqueville) against the „eternal values“ of the french Revolution (1789-99). The roots of the right wing lied always in conservativism. (Nationalism is essentially conservativism and reverse.)
    The western enligtenment- philosophy since René Descartes and Thomas Hobbes was unquestionably a result of the Renaissance- philosophy with their roots in the scholasticism of the catholic church in the middle- age and the modern humanism (or humanity) has its roots in the cosmopolitan equality- teachings and ideology of Jesus after the New Testament. (the cosmopolitan ideology of the freemasonry behind some streams of the enlightenment philosophy has also its base or roots in judeo- christianity.
    So, the best solution for the future is for us (and that meaning for the New Right in western Europe and the Alt- Right in the USA) the total separation from christianity and the ideas and values of 1789. (The interest in aristocratic- conservative thinkers like Friedrich Nietzsche is very important in this cause.) Our idea and goal of a nation- state is also different from that of 1789.
    The last decades with the most terrible destructions in the history of Europe on our biological and cultural foundations got a lot of things moving, especially in the western far- right and the heads of far- right intellectuals. Thats why „philosophers“ or thinkers like Friedrich Nietzsche and Julius Evola are very popular today in intellectual far- right circles. (This is not based on a influence of Hitlerism, which is actually very small on the majority of the far – right- movements. Read Alain de Benoist for instance! His thinking based primarily on Nietzsches thoughts. )
    One of our intellectual heads, Prof. Tomislav Sunic, gave for years (2013) in one of his speeches a statement that reflecting the view of the most radical far right- elements in the western world today. He said:
    „Die christliche Gleichheitslehre mit ihren heutigen Ablegern im Liberalismus und Marxismus ist die Hauptursache des sogenannten Antirassismus und Selbsthasses und der heutigen Mischlings- Multikultigesellschaft. Es ist nutzlos, irgendwelches Rassenbewußtsein oder Volksbewußtsein zu beleben und uns gegen massive Einwanderung der Nichteuropäer zu wehren, ohne zunächst das Erbe des Christentums zu bekämpfen und zu entfernen.“
    in english:
    „The christian equality- doctrin with its offsprings in liberalism and marxism is the main cause of the so called antiracism and the self- hate of the mongrel multicultural society. It is useless to revive some racial- consciousness or national consciousness and to defend us against mass- immigration without to fight the heritage of the christianity and remove that (heritage).“
    The fact is that the white people are in trouble with coloured populations in their own homelands since decades and the white- flight is not only a myth, but reality.
    The western majority is a decadent bourgeois mass who want to live in peace and to hold a high oeconomical standard.
    Thats why people like Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant will never come from rich families besides their personal knowledge, their personal qualities.
    But the mass of poor whites growing. And the despair of some people in the world of today and the fight for survive day after day will create new barbarians (sometimes with high intellectual qualities like Jack Donovan). The influence of christianity is very small on the white working class and poor people. The churches doing almost nothing for such people and the social system of western states is often is not enough. Only the fight day after day is the reality for many people.
    The actions by Assassins like Breivik and Tarrant are political useless or bad for the far right, but secretely many western far right extremists salute such things.
    Best regards
    René Pletat (author)

    • Thank you for your review, Rene.

      Here you can see, that we are rather familiar with European Far-Right, lol


      I myself was a post-Christian Aryan paganist, who converted to Islam through the so called Traditionalism.

      As for our current position, I can’t say, that our enemies are all Far-Right, rather they are Islamophobes, no matter either they are Right, Left or whoever. As for the healthy European conservatives and patriots, we are interested in the dialogue with them.

  2. Old Man's Child says:

    “”Strongly mixed””” nations from south of Europe like Bosnians…?

    Are you sure? You wouldn’t believe but Bosnians are far from that. If we could say so, every other nations (from Central and Sothern Europe) were more STRONGLY mixed than Bosnians. Especialy, Bosnians from central areas. You can check non-Bosnians historians, anthropologist … mostly Germans and Croats – more about that.


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