Reaction video of Br. Robert to Umar Lee’s untrue labelling of Islam4Europeans as a “separatist congregation,” along with sincere advice to him.

A recent article regarding the uncovering of Tariq Nelson as a spy for Stephen Emerson, which follows a similar occurrence within the same organization, touches upon some very important social issues in the Muslim community.

However, Umar unfairly paints us as calling for “separatism.” This is a complete and utter misrepresentation of the goals that Islam4Europeans is working toward insha Allah. The fact remains that converts of European descent convert individually, not en masse within pre-established communities. In the present era, this phenomenon also applies overwhelmingly to converts to Islam from other ethnicities as well, though certainly not all (i.e., Native American group conversion in the Amazon). This is the real and lived context we find ourselves in today, which is wholly different from conversion patterns to Islam in the past, regardless of ethnicity. Therefore, we must make explicit our desire and efforts to form an ethnic subcommunity from among our Muslim co-ethnics, whereas converts of the past, and those born into Muslim families today, simply have a functioning, Muslim ethnic subcommunity from day one. Moreover, we support this process with all of our fellow converts who find themselves in a state of socioethnic isolation upon accepting Islam, and honor the rights of our fellow Muslims from all walks of life.

In fact, our work is important for the betterment of both converts and the greater Muslim community, just as Malcolm X stated in his autobiography.

Addendum: At the beginning of the video, Robert says Umar was defending Tariq Nelson. Umar has since stated that he was not “defending” Nelson’s actions, but rather was contextualizing them. Robert has read his article in its entirety and agrees that his article is not a defense of Nelson’s spying.


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