The Wuhan Coronavirus:

A Message to our Chinese Brothers and Sisters

Bismillah ar-Rahman ir-Raheem

As-salaamu Alaikum

As I am typing this article, he Wuhan coronavirus is spreading throughout China, and has now reached North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Several people have died, thousands of others infected, and there does seem to be any remedy in the near future. The World Health Organization (WHO) is recommending people to suspend unnecessary travel, keep washing their hands, and stay away from people who are sick. While the virus is definitely cause for concern, the 3% mortality rate of those infected is far lower than the 9.5% mortality rate of the SARS outbreak in 2000. Nonetheless, many people are starting to display fear and resentment towards Chinese people, even though the odds of contracting the illness between your Chinese neighbour and your family member are exactly the same.

The reaction of the Muslim community, especially on social media, is varied to say the least. Many Muslims have been saying that the Coronavirus is a punishment from Allah towards China for the treatment of their Muslim minority Uighurs. In a way, that may be true, as all things are from Allah, good and bad. But then some of them take it a step further by taking glorious delight in mass death and infection, hoping that millions of Chinese people die for what “they” did to our brothers and sisters in China. Many Muslims have jumped and said that this type of discrimination and tribal mentality has no place for anyone who says La Ilaha IllaAllah. I would definitely have to agree with them. The actions of the Chinese government towards not just the Uighurs but also toward the anti-Communist demonstrators in Hong Kong (yes, it is Islamically acceptable to give a damn about non-Muslims being oppressed, even if their politics are not in line with an Atheistic way of life) has been reprehensible. Does that mean that the entire population that they rule over are now responsible? People may say “well they did not stand up against their government?” But, really, how do you know if they agree with oppressing the Uighurs, or anything the communist regime does in that country? Are they allowed to even lift a finger against them? And even if they haven’t, who are you to judge?”

If we want to hold that standard to all Muslims, then most of them should deserve to contract the Coronavirus because they are not standing up to their own repressive regime. We are also forgetting (in case these crazy Muslims only care about the lives of other Muslims), that there are the Han Muslims living throughout China who are at risk of being infected. Is it a test from Allah? Allah knows best, but if you really wish this for your Muslim brother, don’t be surprised if you yourself will be infected with something someday. But this is the tribal mentality of some Muslims today. It’s not about wishing for the guidance of your fellow human beings, but to gloat and wish for the “revenge” for what “the kuffar” did to “us.” If I were a non-Muslim who is on any type of social media and stumble upon these Muslims’ garbage dump of thoughts, I would totally think that Islam is a cultural Marxist identity and not a universal religion for all mankind. I might hate Islam and join the nearest Britain First get together, or take a pig’s head and throw it at a random mosque door, or scream at the nearest hijabi on the street.

But my article is not to go on a social justice tirade regarding these brothers and sisters who are making statements about Chinese people that would make Clayton Bigsby blush. If anything, I sympathize with the Muslims who feel this incredible anger towards Communist China (wait, I thought the Communists were our friends!?). This article is to highlight the fact that converts to Islam know how to talk to their people the best. For those people who converted to Islam who belong to a community that is not Muslim, it is clear that we need to have our own sub communities so we can give da’wah to our own people. Especially if there is a lot of anger due to clashes our tribe has had with other Muslim groups. We clearly do not fully fit in, and this “present company excepted” attitude, combined with a complete outsider status, with no understanding of new cultural norms, are perfect examples of why we should not assimilate into a Muslim sub-culture beyond giving them their Islamic rights. These religious leaders and da’ees who take the “Spoonman” approach (“save me, I’m together with your plan,”) to converts are basically saying “we hate these people, but you are now ‘one of us’ now. But don’t give us your opinion on what you think is best in terms of how we interact with them, or what we say on Facebook. And if you are against our mob mentality toward your former people, we will call you an Uncle Tom, a spy, and simply not make you feel as part of the Muslim community. Like my white liberal university professor slave master has grilled into my brain, it is impossible for me to be racist to you, or your family, or your entire community.” It is clear that this mindset has not worked in changing public opinion on Islam and has only made matters worse. As knowledgeable as our current Muslim speakers are, most of them were not raised in a non-Muslim family and town. At the very least, sit down with an old white convert and ask him his opinion.

How can a Chinese convert to Islam ever fully fit in with people who have this tribal mentality? The answer is, they won’t, just like most white converts (or Black or Latino if they try to fit in a “Muslim” country) are “leaving” their family and community to fully “change sides.” without any thought of being an ambassador of Islam to their people. Of course, no matter how much hate some Muslims have in their hearts toward your people, they will still hug you when you take your shahadah, or invite you to iftar, and they may even give you a free shalwar kameez. But to think that most converts will ever be able function as a full human being while their new “community” gloats upon the mass death of your people that raised you, fed you, changed you, taught you, that is a complete pipe dream. True, there are many Muslims who do not feel this way and wish the best for everyone, both Muslims and non-Muslims. If they want to you help you establish your own Muslim sub-culture just as they have theirs, wonderful. But don’t give up on who you are and where you come from; you have enough on your plate already as a new Muslim. Islam has a proud history in China, and Chinese Muslims have kept their culture for centuries.

And a general message to converts to Islam in the West, whether you are White, Black, Asian, Latino, or First nations. Don’t even wait for the Muslim community to “allow you” to start your own sub community amongst your people. Start your own organization, or join one already established. Taking your shahadah is not going to erase centuries of bubbling resentment, suspicion and outright anger towards your people. Even if they have no ill will, complete assimilation is a very difficult approach that only a thin slice of converts can handle. Definitely make dua for the entire Muslim Ummah, the Uighurs, the Han, and Muslims in the West no matter how they are reacting. Make dua that we find a cure for this horrible strain of virus. Make dua that Allah guides your people, that He softens your family’s hearts so you can at least have a degree of normalcy in your life. In the meantime, be good to them, keep up the prayer, and don’t give up on the mercy of Allah!

Your white Canadian brother in Islam, Robert.


  1. “Of course, no matter how much hate some Muslims have in their hearts toward your people, they will still hug you when you take your shahadah or invite you to iftar, and they may even give you a free shalwar kameez. But to think that most converts will ever be able to function as a full human being while their new “community” gloats upon the mass death of your people that raised you, fed you, changed you, taught you, that is a complete pipe dream.”

    So true!
    Kelly Schneider, mother of Abdullah.


    This is a recent comment I made about Australia to a very famous sheikh:

    Two of your pictures show humans seeking refuge in water and a third picture shows houses being destroyed by the fire. Maybe, Sheik, you should pray for the humans also. If Australia was a Muslim country, would you have also forgotten to pray for humans?

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