Do you sometimes feel like your race is going extinct?

Feel like you are being demographically overrun by people from foreign lands & stuff?

Instead of shooting innocent people & wasting gigabytes of online forum storage, try:

-Getting into shape & learning enough charm to woo

-Pick a mate of your preferred race & produce plentiful offspring, which you rear according to traditional values

-Practice fiscal discipline, making smart longterm choices like paying off a house rather than buying on payments, going to concerts, or meth, be it crystal or other

-Don’t waste the kids’ time in watching football/basketball, rather teach them mathematics, sciences & how to speak & write properly

-All this will require intense & systematic discipline inwardly and outwardly. May I suggest Islām as the only such system that works long-term

I wish you & your race all the best in this life & the next & look forward to your success.

You can shoot up as many unarmed men, women &children as you want.

If you can’t convince a girl to marry you, get enough education/hustle to feed & compete, the only race traitor is YOU.

Wearing a red hat, or electing leaders who don’t know basic math/spelling/geography just because they remind you of some mythical Brady-Bunch-esque America or Europe of yore which never existed will not help your race survive.

Praying 5x daily & not drinking/doing drugs will.

Shaykh Hamzah Wald Maqbul

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  1. Abdu Ibrahim says:

    Salam. My thoughts exactly.

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