Two elements seem common in this anti-Islamic international we can see getting stronger around the world:

1. From Burma, to Sri Lanka, to China, and especially to Europe (but also among Pakistani or Malay liberals, Iranian and Arab secularists, Central Asian sons of soviets, etc etc), there is a commonality in this idea of Islam being something foreign – specifically linked to Arabs (and reinstating the western European orientalist anti-Arab stereotypes, especially its considering it as something “low” and unworthy to be imitated – differently to anything western-European which instead gets worshipped) -, and of being Muslim as a treachery towards their blood/identity/history/culture.

This identitarian obsession obviously doesn’t grasp the irony of then embracing such a culture (western modernity) which is far more different from any other “traditional culture”, and even the very reason of destruction of European cultures themselves (and from then, going on with cultural genocides all around the world).

While Islam would just change some parts of their cultures and develop new Muslim cultures taking on from anything positive of their background, westernization simply destroy them and uniform everyone into the Monoculture, still, those supposed “defenders of traditional /replace with any actual or fake identity/”, so keen on avoiding being “Arabized/Islamized” (I.e. Being acculturized into something nowadays perceived as “low”), are then the most shameless westernized courtesans aiding in the most lethal threat to the “traditions” they claim to so much love: the western modern Monoculture.

2. It’s somehow funny how those presenting themselves as right-wing and conservatives (from the most different ethnic and national backgrounds) don’t see any issues with embracing typical liberal/leftist/progressive standards when it’s about criticizing Islam.

People who should otherwise respect and look up to Islamic values and ethos due to the relative similarity to their outlook on several issues, instead embrace the most progressive degenerate stances about female emancipation (while theorically opposing feminism), LGBT rights (while allegedly defending “traditional family), “separation of church and state” (while maybe being pro-theocratic traditionalist catholics!), material development and capitalist prosperity (while mumbling old nazi maxims about “blood against gold” and “spiritual against material”), progress and development (while calling themselves “traditionalists” and hating on French revolution), etc etc..

I’ll say it again: being a rightwing/”conservative”/”traditionalist” who opposes Islam = hating the illness (western modernity), but hating its solution too.

Umar al-Rumi

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  1. Solid response to some of the incoherence found in some of the thought patterns among European identitarians. I have also seen that many of their criticisms of Islam are boilerplate Left-liberal points that are rehashed.

    I would also like to point out that Islam happens to be the only religion I can think of that states that Europeans were sent Divinely guided prophets just like other nations. In fact, it is only calling them back to what those men first called them to; paganism was simply a historical detour in the wrong direction.

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