In the world Islamic society people accustomed, that there are not only Arab or Turkish Muslims, but also – Muslims of Indian subcontinent, Muslims of South – East Asia with their own identity, and, since last time – Latin and Afro-American brethren.

But, when we speak about Muslims of European origin, there are problems. One of them – Muslims demand recognition of all Muslim communities, that have been in Europe yet. This disbands specific ethnic group – Muslims of European origin. The cause of such problem is in fact, that there are different ethnic Muslim groups in Europe, more than that – in some cases, Islam came to Europe with immigrants of non-European origin and it`s associated with them.

But Muslim from India, Pakistan, Maghrib or Turkey, living in Europe, doesn`t lose his or her identity. This true for both side: Europeans can live in America, Africa or Asia and they can stay Europeans – or change identity of their descendants, mixing with local populations.

The root of this situation – fact that Europe, as Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, Africa or Indian America are separate spots not only on historical, but also – on genetic map of the World. If you, for instance, look through results of genetic tests “FamilyFinder” by Familytreedna Inc., you`ll see, that within native Europeans, that live on other continents, it`ll prevail European component. In many cases, they wouldn`t be 100% Europeans (as local Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners wouldn`t be 100% Africans and Asians.) – they`ll have some degree of other, non-European component. But, anyway, European component will prevail in their blood absolutely or relatively.

Of course, it isn`t a point make tests to determine, are you European or not. It`s enough to have at least some ancestors of European origin and test here only approve obvious fact – that Europeans are one of the specific genetic groups, as Middle Easterners, Africans etc.

At about 5 – 7 thousand years old European genetic compound appeared from 3 components: Ancient European (Paleo- and Mesolithic) hunter-gatherer`s component, Minor Asian Neolithic farmers and Siberian Paleoasiatic nomads. In other parts of Europe, there are different proportion of genetic components: on the North, there are more Ancient European one, on the south – Minor Asian, on the east – Northern Asian component. But, cause of migration processes, all components had been mixed between each other.

It`s the point, why all native Europeans, having differences between each other though, will be similar comparing to other genetic clusters. Europeans are the closest genetical pool to other Caucasians: Minor Asians, Central Asians, Arabs, though, they`re another genetic groups – pools.

The last moment is that all said before has nothing to do with racism. Firstly, cause no one group has the superiority above others – as Islam says, “the most superior is the most pious one”. Secondly, there is no conversations about “pure” or “dirty” blood, about exclusion of mixed-origin people from community, held by one genesis.

We know examples, when European descendants pouring in African or South Asian society and through one generation become undistinguished of natives both culturally, mentally or externally. But this can be, when people mixing with native population, not transforming themselves. Selfsame, mixed or non-European people can pour in European community – and their descendants will be native Europeans.

If we want to stay Europeans, we should save our European genetic background (also, it`s true for other genetic clusters). It can be done, if descendant of a European, that marry non-European, will choose spouse of European origin. Otherwise, stable gene pool of Europeans won`t exist.

So we, as Muslims of European origin, have no superiority or feud to our brethren Muslims of other origin, cause “all believers are brethren each other”! Also, we are not racists, that believe in racist theories about “pure” and “dirty” blood. But, as other Muslims of other regions, we want to preserve within ourselves and our descendants those natural qualities, that were gifted to us by Almighty Allah. We want to distribute The Word of Truth within people, that are look-alike us.


  1. Wulfila, ein Bosnier says:

    I read whole text and I do not know why you didn’t mentioned Bosnians as oldest Europeans. You mentioned Turks (?!?!). To be honest, I thought it would be main point of this text when I read the subject, because Bosnians are mostly muslims and oldest Europeans, according to Genetic reserches.

    Google Genetic structure, Igenea, haplogroups, Bosnians

    • Bosnians are native Europeans, no even doubt in it. You can find a lot of materials about Bosnia and Bosnians at out website, for example through the tags.

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