Bismillah ar-Rahman ir-Raheem (in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)

We at Islam4Europeans are happy to present our declaration, which will give us a foundation to grow our communities in accordance with the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). This declaration clarifies our vision in terms of keeping good relations between us and our Muslim brothers and sisters, our fellow Europeans who are not Muslim, and finally our special responsibility of collectivizing as European Muslims for the betterment of all those involved.

Given our years of experience as both converts to Islam and born Muslims in the Anglosphere, the following points are our sincere recommendations to the Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. We believe this general framework will allow the traditional cultures (‘urf) of each people to be purified through an Islamic lens, not just for European peoples, but for any group of people that does not have an existent Muslim population. We have received support from converts and born Muslims from all walks of life, and may Allah (swt) reward them for their support and efforts.

Muslim communities should use this communitarian, mostly hands-off approach to converts for several reasons. Insha Allah, it will decrease anti-Islam sentiment in the Anglosphere, help the amortization process of converts, and increase the native birth rate – all at a fraction of the cost so mosques in the West do not need to keep wasting money on sincere but ill-advised convert programs.  Moreover, this approach would mean that Muslims would have something to offer native populations, a chip in the game you might say. This chip could be used in exchange for advocating for the safety and security of current Muslim populations living in the Anglosphere, and the restablization of their homelands in the Muslim world.  It would also improve the legitimacy of born Muslims keeping their traditional cultures instead of being forced into the current global, liberal monoculture. Finally, it would remove European converts from the undeserved and ill-advised “White saviour” status sometimes foisted upon us.

Our goal is to have local chapters that can network internationally as thriving subcommunities of European Muslims. Each city or locale should strive for growing their local chapter, with local meet-ups, dinners, educational classes, and iftars. This will help nurture a sense of local community with a special focus on their own goals, the most important of which is improving the relationship with our non-Muslim families. Once a large enough group is attained, they can work towards establishing a brick-and-mortar space, where they can work towards becoming thriving members of the Muslim community for them and their progeny. In this way, they would keep their unique identity and culture and become part of the cultural mosaic of the greater Muslim Ummah. Of course, all members of the greater Muslim community should be invited to and welcomed within our spaces, but with the understanding that just as they keep their cultures in the mosques they govern, we will keep ours in those we govern.

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Islam4Europeans – Our Declaration Points 


1. Islam4Europeans is a traditional Muslim organization that encourages a positive European Muslim identity for our many different cultures, whether in Europe itself, other Western nations, or in the Muslim world.

Collective Rights and Responsibilities

2. We believe that as European Muslims (men and women), we should collectivize into subcommunities so we can better take care of each other’s needs. This includes improving the relationship with our families and communities, job and life skills training, Islamic education, and marriage networking.    

3. While we believe in collectivization, we do not believe in complete separation from other Muslim communities or the greater Ummah. We should wholeheartedly follow the five rights of our fellow Muslims: Giving the greeting of peace, saying “yarhumukullah” when they sneeze, visiting the sick, following funeral processions, and giving sincere advice when asked (naseeha). In addition, we believe that Muslims from all walks of life are our equal brothers and sisters in Islam, and we support any efforts to bring the Ummah closer together without losing our own identities.  

4. We believe in traditional family values. Men and women are equal in the sight of Allah (swt). However, our physiologies are different and have different needs, complementing each other perfectly by the will of Allah (swt) as stated in the Qur’an.

5. We believe the good treatment of one’s parents and elders is an essential part of our Deen (way of life), especially one’s mother.

6. We believe in raising our children in the Islamic tradition, while being distinctly European in our cultures.

7. We believe in working towards subcommunities that follow the traditional ways of finding a spouse in which chastity, modesty, and familial investigation and protection is maintained.

8. We believe in keeping ties and good relations with our family members and in-laws.

9. We believe in traditional family values for marriage and family, in accordance with the Qur’an and the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh, i.e. The Prophetic Sunnah).

Da’wah (Invitation)

10. We advocate for peacefully inviting our fellow Europeans to convert to Islam and follow the path of our Creator.

11. We advocate for clearing up misconceptions about Islam and Muslims in the Anglosphere through education and dialogue.

12. We believe in being good role models to our non-Muslim families and communities by trying our best to embody the manners (akhlaq) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

13. We believe in establishing a network of European Muslims that may be able to talk to European converts’ families, in efforts to allay their fears about Islam.

14. We believe in organizing Da’wah efforts around events that our people take part in (such as outside hockey or football games). This includes survey research and allowing them to ask controversial questions about our faith.


15. We believe each group of Muslims should keep and revitalize the praiseworthy aspects in their culture within the bounds of our Deen. This includes, but is not limited to: cuisine, dress, architecture, language, ways of doing, ways of being, music (nasheeds), sports and games, etc.

16. We believe each group of Muslims should strive to purify their culture by eliminating the blameworthy aspects in their culture (alcohol, drugs, gambling, fornication, etc.).

17. We believe that there is no single European or “White” culture, just as there is no single “Asian” culture. Regional and local cultures should be maintained by allowing the converts from varying regions and/or locales to create an authentic synthesis of their particular culture via Islam.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

18. We are against the denigration and discrimination of any group of people or culture, whether by slurs, insulting, or backbiting.

19. We believe that all Muslims who say, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his final messenger,” are our brothers and sisters in Islam.

20. We will support any cultural group that chooses to follow the same path of cultural purification via Islam. This includes both peoples that do not yet have a subcommunity and those who already have an established Muslim cultural community.


21. In any brick-and-mortar mosque, prayer area, or center established by Islam4Europeans, the culture should be reflective of the people who both govern and frequent it (that is, the community it serves). We would need a decently-sized community before establishing such an establishment.  Finally, we should endeavor to adhere to Islamic etiquettes, while still being a place where our non-Muslim family would feel welcome.   

22. In any brick-and-mortar establishment governed by an I4E subcommunity, all Muslims are welcome to pray, break their fast, enjoy respite, and generally feel welcomed. We will honor all their Islamic rights, whether male or female.

23. We believe peoples from different cultures have the right to run their own mosques, but these mosques should not disallow any Muslim from visiting them. Cross-masjid iftars should be encouraged to promote universal brotherhood while respecting the diverse cultures of mankind. 


24. We advocate for the safety and security of Muslims living in both the West and the Muslim world.

25. We advocate for the safety and security of Non-Muslims living in both the West and the Muslim world.

26. We are an apolitical organization that does not endorse any political party.

27. We advocate that all Muslims should abide by the laws of the land, whether in the West, the Muslim world, or elsewhere. If the laws prohibit Muslims from fulfilling our religious duties, we would advocate moving to a place where we can practice our religion freely.


28. Any European Muslim agreeing with the above points in principle can become an official member of Islam4Europeans. To be a European Muslim, you must have at least 25% European heritage.

29. Those who identify as Non-European Muslims who support our concept can join Islam4Europeans as brother (or sister) in Islam. They will be given full rights as a fellow Muslim with us and before Allah the Almighty.

30. Islam4Europeans is an international community, not a cult. Any type of cult-like behaviour (not asking questions, cancelling those who disagree with us, not allowing people to leave the organization if they choose etc.) should be discouraged.

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