Reaction video of the Br.Robert to Umar Lee’s untrue labelling of Islam4europeans as a “separatist congregation,” along with sincere advice to him.

In his latest article about the uncovering of Tariq Nelson as a spy for Stephen Emerson touched upon some very important social issues in the Muslim community.

However, he unfairly paints us as calling for “separatism” ignoring the fact that we would never disallow Muslims from other backgrounds in our spaces.

In fact, our work is important for the betterment of both converts and the greater Muslim community, just as Malcolm X stated in his autobiography.

Addendum: In the beginning of the video, Robert said Umar was defending Tariq Nelson. Umar has stated that he was not “defending” Tariq Nelson’s actions, but rather contextualizing them. Robert have read his artilce in its entirery, and agrees that his article was not a defense of his spying.

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