Islam is the most beautiful religion in the world. It teaches peace, love, and kindness. It is the second largest religion of the world with over 1.8 billion followers making 24.1% of the world’s population.

In Europe, it is widely considered that Islam is the fastest growing religion which by 2030, will have 8% of all population of Europe as followers of Islam. Europeans are rapidly accepting Islam nearly every day and they’re loving their new life.

Very recently, the government of Saudi Arabia along with Al Muhaidib Company for Community Services made it possible for 100 new Muslims from Europe to come to Saudia Arabia and perform Umrah for the first time in their life.

The historic moment was witnessed by thousands of Muslims already in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia for Umrah and as well as the President General of the Holy Mosque and Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais.

The European Muslims were provided with all the necessities required to complete Umrah comfortably. They were extremely thankful and happy for receiving love from their hosts.

All these new Muslims came from different walks of life, living on the European continent. They belong to different jobs and professions.

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