The main reason why European converts do not develop their identity and communities are the European Muslims themselves. Some of them hate the very idea of it, because they specifically fled to Islam from their born identity. To the others it’s just not interesting.

Why? The fact is that most born Muslims are products of their societies or micro-societies from which they’ve got their identity. While many converts reject their society and either go into other people’s societies or become idealists who want to change the whole world.

Converts are interested in ecological problems, fighting with banks and capitalism, refugees, racism, Palestine problem, even elections in Pakistan. And this is good. Born Muslims are interested in these things as well. But the difference is that the born Muslims are rooted in their organic communities and live their problems. While to converts who do not have them, their idealistic interests do not allow to form them.

Let’s face it honestly – most active converts are an Islamic (or not really) type of SJW. But let us ask ourselves, in what state are the Islamic projects of changing the world today? All of them either discredited themselves, or turned into hobbies and dreams. Most Muslims are not interested in them at all. And the only places where serious attempts are made to develop Muslims are national states, such as Turkey, Malaysia or Pakistan. Yes, Ummah looks at them with hope, but their merits are not merits of dreamers without roots, but merit of national Muslim leaders and movements.

Further, although today the Islamic Ummah, including in the West, is asleep, it is possible that tomorrow it will wake up. Islamic activity will boil, Islamic projects, about which European converts dream, will be activated. But in what state they themselves will be at this moment? Muslim diasporas will be able to take advantage of those projects in their interests, especially if they are backed by strong native Muslim states like Turkey and Pakistan. While converts that do not have clans, solidarity, resources, will actually serve the interests of other communities as their employees or advisers.

Therefore, today there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that the Islamic Ummah is asleep today and your projects are not interesting to it. The good news is that you can use this time to build your communities and solidarity. And when Muslims wake up and are interested in your projects, you and your communities can not only benefit others, but also be of benefit for yourselves.


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