In search of the correct model of their identity, the known white converts prefer to turn to any alternative, rather than move by most obvious and logical way.

So, one of them tries to “heal” white Muslims from their whiteness, offering them to feel Muslim Rednecks or Southern Muslims (of the USA). By itself, such an approach is quite organic – after all, Muslims from among Rednecks or Southerners can freely feel themselves who they are.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between therapy or adaptation of an individual and the construction of a reliable identity of many generations. The latter requires analyzing such attempts more carefully.

Whether you like it or not, you will not get away from the fact that the cultural environment and identity of Rednecks and Southerners was the basis of white people. And again, let’s distinguish. It’s one thing if a certain Southerner marries a non-white woman, they will have children with a different appearance from other Rednecks, but then they will accept their culture and dissolve in their environment in the next generations. It is quite another matter if all of them marry such women and will try to convert Afro-Americans or Pakistanis, who not only differ from them, but also have their own identities. It is quite obvious that nothing real will come of this and such an identity will not survive even a couple of generations.

In addition, we live in a global world and your children or grandchildren will not necessarily live in the same environment as you. And if a Pakistani man moves from the South of the United States to Australia or the UK, most likely he will be an Australian-Pakistani or British-Pakistani, not a British or Australian Redneck. And who in this case will be your children?

Other white Muslims offer as an alternative to this locality a globality. They say, our identity is “Western Muslims”. But Western Muslims are not an identity, but rather a cultural reality. The bearers of Western culture today are representatives of various identities, including among Muslims. African-Americans and African-British are Western Muslims. Like British-Pakistanis and Australians-Pakistanis. A recent incident in the UK showed, however, that their identity is far from the same. As for white Muslims, the mainstream of Western Islam today often looks like the Muslim identity is contrasted with white. At the same time, even white Muslims inside such a western Islam are constantly suspected of white racism and are periodically attacked as “white converts”, “white liberals”, etc. And even their non-white wives can not save them from this.

Now let’s look at things realistically. If Islam is the basis of our spiritual identity, then at the heart of our organic identity lies the fact that for millennia our ancestors lived on the European continent. Attention, this does not mean that necessarily all the ancestors of man lived in Europe. But those of his ancestors who gave him his culture lived in Europe and their ancestors too. And thanks to them you are the bearer of European DNA with one or another average. And even if your children do not look like Europeans because of your wives, they also have this European DNA and if they choose European spouses, it will increase in their children.

If you are uncomfortable with your European nature, actually no one prevents you from breaking with it. You can specially marry Africans, Pakistanis or East Asian women, so that your children and grandchildren will eventually get their culture, appearance and identity. And this is your right!

But, please, do not fool yourself or others! Europeans will not disappear because of your choice, neither in America, nor in Australia, nor in Europe itself. And if we want as many of them as possible to accept Islam, we must understand that there are too many of them to escape from their nature or dissolve into someone. And they need to offer a reliable and real solution, not a palatial one, as you do.


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