In the West, there is a category of dai’s, both working with white Muslims or the white Muslims themselves, who understand that without attracting whites to Islam, Islam will remain in the ghetto of minorities.

They show friendliness to white people interested in Islam, as well as to white converts, they want them to feel comfortable in a new environment. However, the plans are laid on them: when a white man accepts Islam, he will get rid of racism and then he will be able to serve the interests of the colored people and eventually make him part of them, if not himself – his family and his future through marriage.

As a rule, this happens with many white converts. And if we consider the main purpose of the call of the whites to Islam as protection the interests of the colored people and the struggle against white supremacism, then such recruitment is a very effective method.

But does this correspond to the purposes and methods of authentic Islam? Was the abolition of Quraish supremacism a goal of the Islamic dawa’ah in Mecca? Or, after the Quraysh converted to Islam, they began to treat brotherly Arabs and non-Arabs as Muslims, but retained their leadership? And this is in spite of the fact that in the beginning of the journey it was the Quraysh who had the greatest opposition to Islam, and many of those who defended it were foreigners and former slaves.

Our opponents can argue, that the struggle against white supremacism is part of the struggle for justice, towards which the Muslims should strive. But is this notion of Islamic justice? Or is it a Mutazili and a Marxist undertanding of justice?

In Islam, when the supremacy of the Quraish carried shirk and jahiliyah, it was considered injustice. But after they accepted Islam, their superiority became normal. When the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, urged the kings to accept Islam, he told them to declare two witnesses, stand prayers, pay zakat and go to hajj, and they will be able to preserve their kingdoms. He did not tell them, give up your supremacism and give your kingdoms to foreigners and immigrants.

And in all other places where Islam was established not by sword, but by preaching, it was called upon to accept the existing rulers for their good and the good of their peoples. But they were never told that after the adoption of Islam they should give their countries to other peoples and other rulers.

Therefore, the question is, what are the goals of such dai’s working with white people? Implementation of your own racial or party agendas by attracting white converts to your side? Or it is a call to Islam for new peoples, in particular, whites, who, whether you like it or not, historically play the role of Quraysh in the countries of the West.

If it is later, then whites should be offered to accept Islam for their own benefits. Of course, in brotherhood with other Muslims. But such a brotherhood, in which the whites will have their own place, in which they can exist along with other peoples.

But if you go to work with whites for the purpose of further using them in the political-racial struggle, then you go to them not as sincere bearers of Islam, but as wolves in sheep’s clothing.



  1. Kelly Schneider, mother of Abdullah says:

    Very well articulated and it cuts right into the heart of the situation. Full of truth.

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