Some native European Muslims who, like us, do not support the view of Islam as a religion of only non-whites or immigrants, nevertheless believe that we make the mistake by adopting American “racial” discourse in Europe. They believe that in Europe the problem of anti-white racism under the banners of Islam can be solved through the adherence of European Muslims to European culture, without resorting to “racial argumentation“.

Noting first that we do not use “racial argumentation” in the Anglo-Saxon understanding, as we have repeatedly written, nevertheless, we state that an attempt to completely ignore it, is untenable for a number of reasons.

Despite the fact that in a number of European countries, especially in Eastern Europe, the demographic situation differs from the American one, in the information sense, active Western Muslims already live in a single space. Whether we like it or not, this is a single English-speaking space, and therefore the US and other Anglo-Saxon countries make a significant part of its content. European Muslims are following the discussions on identity issues that are taking place in the United States as the center of the Western world and, in particular, among their American Muslims. They are involved in these discussions, and these discussions and the ideas discussed in them begin to influence the mood of European Muslims in this way.

This global virtual reality precedes the creation of a new social reality. Nowadays, even one African immigrant living in a small European city, reading American sites and discussions, can feel hatred for “white supremacy” already in Europe. And as he will find his relatives and communicate with them, such ideas will spread already in their environment in Europe. Already today in the Black British Community group on Facebook, which is based on racial identity, there are over 46,000 participants. Similar communities exist in other Western European countries (for example, AFRO-EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, Médias Afro-Européens de Belgique, etc.). And this is not counting the established and quite numerous communities – Moroccans, Tunisians, Nigerians, Somalis, etc., including thousands of people “on the ground”, many of whom live compactly in their own areas. Not to mention other communities of immigrants from the Middle East and South Asia that are also ready to accept the discourse of the Muslims’ opposition to white people.

Of course, in these communities there are also such Muslims who combine Islamic identity with a sincere attraction to European culture. But they also have two categories. The former want to be part of European culture, but also want it to cease to be a white culture, imposing artificial diversity on it not only in the present and the future, but also in the past. In fact, this is another kind of anti-white racism and hostility to white, but from within European culture. The latter, but they are very few, just want to become Europeans and that their descendants become ordinary Europeans. Unfortunately, most of them do not associate themselves with Islam. But if we are talking about those who want to be European Muslims and want their descendants to have their appearance, and not to force to change this appearance, please, such people can do it through marriage. Of course, first of all we are talking about women, or about men of mixed origin who already have European roots.

This approach has nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon racism with its rule of drop of blood and referring to colored people all who have some non-white roots. European Muslims are not racists, but in the context of racial hostility to all whites, including white converts, we must clearly define our identity. Although we are ready to accept into our ranks those who wish to dissolve in it through marriage, this is environment of Muslims among the white peoples who want to remain so. Among other things, this is necessary so that we can carry the correct image of Islam to our peoples, which can not be done by those who experience racial antipathy towards them.

Thus, if we are dealing with a global reality and a global discourse that is directed specifically against whites and their identity, especially under the guise of Islam, it will not be possible to hide from them behind the European culture. Separating our culture from our origin, we will eventually have to abandon them both. Therefore, this approach is not only naive, but also losing. The chances of surviving are only among those who are ready to really look at things, call them by their own names and those who aren’t afraid to defend their right to be who they are.



  1. This is great stuff brothers (an sisters) – mashaAllah! I am a Muslim from Pakistani background that married a European convert sister in the US. I totally get where you are coming from. Europeans have a right to have their cultural distinction just as Malays, Nigerians, Azeris, Turks, or a whole host of other peoples in this Ummah while still having full-enfranchisement into the brotherhood. Our relationship is based on the Islamic tradition which makes vast allowances for local culture. My hope is that Islam helps to bring back the unique modest and religious culture that various Europeans have had for centuries until relatively recent.

    Our unity is true unity- not faux-unity when everyone is the same. Rather it is the unity that persists despite the diversity – that is the unity that is real and requires effort to establish.

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