The struggle of our generation is resisting the Progressivist zeitgeist that baits you in by effusive promises of tolerance, only to then turn on you the minute you accept it, ramming conformity down your throat and suffocating any form of dissent. The weak-willed succumb and proceed to tick off box after box of blasphemy after blasphemy until the religion is no longer recognizable. If the Left had advertised their one-way street from the start, we wouldn’t like it, but at least it would have been fair.

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Professor Robert George, and was amazed at how common these frustrations are, as he is experiencing them within the Catholic community. The same ideas were voiced by Imam Zaid Shakir at his khutba last week, after a [supposedly] Muslim feminist declared that “A woman has the absolute right to voice her frustrations against a Prophet. Sit. Down.” (among other hideous statements that make you ask: if that’s what you actually believe, why even stay Muslim??). Similar sentiments were voiced by Abdal Hakim Murad. And a short while ago Professor George made a series of tweets (attached) on Progressivists’ reaction when a Muslim leader finally says enough is enough. Imam Zaid’s khutba was taken down and put up about four times in the span of a week. Luckily we have downloads (link in the comment section).

The resistance against Progressive Islam is no longer a closet thing you talk about with your freinds, but never in public. It’s not just the Mad Mamluks and the Safina Society Podcast anymore. This is something that is now clear and in the open.

Now that many senior leaders in the community are talking about it publicly, Muslim institutions ought to consider it a serious item on the table. This so-called Progressive Islam should be defined: What are its first principles? What is its method of interpretation? Who are its leaders? And ultimately, what’s our stance on it? All religions and political parties do this: they survey the landscape and clarify their relationships. We’re going to work with A, B &C; we are not going to associate with X, Y & Z. Those who attend and benefit from the functions of Muslim institutions have the right to know what to expect. When the institution says the word “Islam,” what principles and methodologies are being assumed? Is Progressivism part of that?

For too long now, Progressivism has been allowed to lurk around undefined. And the result is the tumult, chaos and confusion, that finally boiled over in Imam Zaid’s khutba. Have a listen, and know that resisting this wave, and having none of it, is no longer something you have to keep to yourself.

Be bold. Join the resistance. Loudly and openly.

Dr.Shadee El-Masrey

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  1. Brilliant article – it’s about time!!! InshaAllah we can defeat this beast because it eats more of our youth!

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