Despite the fact that in the Islamic tradition blood relationship is established through lineage, when discussing the problem of the identity of indigenous European Muslims, we periodically have to deal with the issues of race.

Is it necessary for a native European Muslim to be “white”? We have already touched on this issue in a number of our publications, including the article “On “white” and “colored”, but we will clarify it again.

Indeed, in Islam belonging to the genus or tribe is established by kinship, usually through the father. Therefore, if a person has a father who is indigenous Italian or a German or another European, he has every right to be the owner of the same identity, even if he does not look “white” because his father married a woman of another race.

But we must understand that individual cases are not the same as the social norm. Because most of the indigenous Italians, Germans and other Europeans are white and have been so for dozens of generations. Therefore, as a rule to be representative of this people, it means to be white. And if a person is an exception to this rule, then one must understand that this is an exception, not a rule.

There is no problem in being an exception to the rule. The problem arises when a person begins to build his identity by opposing the rule of the group to which he belongs. Not that he is the son of his father or the grandchildren of his grandfather, and so on, who relate to this people, but that he is not like them and different from this people. In particular, when the external appearance or the rule of this people, he begins to perceive hostilely.

Racists do not understand how genetics works, so for them “white” or “not white” is an absolute attribute. While the human genotype and its external appearance (phenotype) are not the same. Even if the son of an Italian or a German does not look white because of his mother’s ethnicity, he still has about 50% of the “white” genotype. Therefore, if he later marries a white woman, his children will already have 70-80% of the “white” genotype and they will look more “white” than he does. And so on.

Therefore, his belonging to the white people through lineage, makes him part of the white community, even if he does not look white. This must be understood. But if a person hates white people and does not want his children and descendants to be white, this is something completely different. Such people should not be considered Europeans, even if they look absolutely white and have all the white ancestors in known generations.


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