Nowadays, political agenda of our modern world seems to be such: Islam opposes Europeans. In troth, Islam is associated by many Europeans with the threat of:

  • Death – by “Islamic terrorism”;
  • Country destruction – by uncontrolled migration;
  • Lack of freedom – cause of prohibition of anything, that`s so valuable to typical Europeans:
  • Cultural losses – cause of hegemony of Arabic language and traditions;
  • Race problems– by struggling with their ethnical and racial self-consciousness, by engrafting cult of European’s fault and constraining race mixing .

But can be another way? Is there different Islam?

Of course, yes – and we, Muslims of European origin, represent it.


  • want safety and harmonic development for our compatriots;
  • don’t want replacement of our native population by immigrants;
  • want to use the best principles of Sharia. That means, if we have options, we try to implement that one, which is the best solution of problem in current situation.

We consider that all people have an opportunity to save their own national traditions, when they convert Islam. If national habits aren`t connected with unambiguously banned practices (Haram), they can be used by European Muslims.

We stand for families and marriages between Muslims of European origin – cause we`re sure, that Europeans must presume their phenotype and genetics, their biological nature on Muslim background.

Our point is: only European Muslims can proselyte effectively for their own people. We don`t oppose living non-European Muslims in our countries – but, we`re oppose faint efforts some of them to prevent us from distributing Islam between our people and being European Muslims.

OK, but what the point for Europeans to be Muslims? There is it.

  1. Islam is God-inspired law, not something “artificial”.
    Last years or even centuries, there was a big dilatation of Overton window. Meaning of life, of family, honor, responsibility, sins and perception of God – all lost its natural value. It became possible cause of decline of Christianity. But, indeed, the problem is in the basics of Christian faith. Jesus said unequivocal: “
    Do not think that I have come to revoke The Written Law or The Prophets; I am not come to revoke but to fulfill” (Matthew, 5:17). But, clerics revoked and falsified canons of the Holy bible, changing`em into church precepts and became a “Whore of Babylon”.
    Now, it`s obvious, that only one stable basement for the human civilization is laid in the sphere of God-inspired laws. Islam is the only one religion, that doesn`t revoke, but fulfill and supplement the Written Law, as Jesus said. And the Last fulfiller, the Last Prophet is Muhammad, descendant of Abraham. And, otherwise from Jesus, who was sent to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew, 15:24), Muhammad was sent as “the Messenger of Allah to you all” (sura #7 “al-A`raf”, 158). So, Muhammad is not just an Arabian Messenger, but the only one Prophet to the whole World.
  2. Islam is alive and practically ideal Monotheism.
    Christian scholastics said, that God is the One and He is Unite – and both, he is united in three hypostasizes .Such complicity is inherent also for some other philosophical traditions. But as we see, zealots of such ideas became worshippers of human-being, changed God to person.
    Here we can say, that only Muslims and only Islam (that can be translated as “peace with God”, “God obedience”) insists on the Unity and Oneness of God, Lord of all-beings. He is the only One true God, true Lawmaker, only one true Judge.
  3. Islam is the guarantee of inartificial way of being.
    There is one word in Islam – “fitrah”. This means, that there are some things, that are natural, that were born with this world – and they are self-consistent. People went through lifeless idealism, through noxiousness of materialism – they went this way to find inartificiality of Islam.

It doesn`t mean, that Islam is focused only on nature (there is place in Sharia for nature preservation, though). “All, that natural, isn`t ashamed” is not the way of Islam. Other way, in Islamic fitrah there is balance of shame and assurance, of discipline and relaxation. People of fitrah – people who naturally hate deviations and laze and are intended on boon.

There is a condition of shame in such fitrah – and the shame is usual condition for person. His healthy willing of delight is combined with self – discipline and self – restrictions.

Muslim, true Muslim is realist – realist with regard family, economics, politics and religion, life and death.

This is Islam – and not cult of death, terrorism and suicide bombings. And Islam is fit for Europeans. Islam make a chance for Europeans reopen their true nature, pour off with Lord`s blessing of natural being – fitrah.

At the end, we consider, that in situation when Islamic world was colonized and deformed by Europeans and, after that, Europe had faced “fruits” of colonial politics in the Middle East, Europeans, that had found the Truth, should and must distribute this truth within their compatriots, helping to overbear crisis of world Muslim community, the Ummah. Both those problems make us be an example as a special pattern. And this is our mission – Islam for Europeans and Europeans for Islam.

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