10 Reasons why white Muslims marrying each other would be good for the Ummah:

1) SJW Muslims always say that they are being attacked because Islam predominantly a religion of colour. Well, if there were more white Muslim families, would that not be a viable solution?

2) It is better to marry another convert on the same level. Being a convert is like a pre-schooler taking graduate level courses. Instead of marrying your teacher, it’s better to marry your classmate

3) It makes the transition easier for our families. Their son or daughter in law has a better shot at getting along with the family. He or she also has the opportunity to show how Islam teaches us to be good to our spouses and in laws.

4) Black Muslims complain, and rightly so, that we get all these marriage proposals from born Muslims, but they do not. If that is the case, the best solution is to reject those proposals. That would level the playing field.

5) The alt right and Neo Nazis would not be able to say that Islam is a threat to the white race.

6) In addition, it is our duty as white Muslims to give dawah to our own group. If anyone can try to change their opinion on Islam, it’s us.

7) Most marriages to born Muslim families do not end well. We don’t understand their culture and vice versa. Especially for the new convert who is already confused, now they have to assimilate even more while they are trying to learn the Deen?

8 ) Other sub communities, such as the African American and Hispanic Muslims in the US, have been highly successful at accepting and integrating their new Muslims, and they have become part of the fabric of the Muslim community. Why not us?

9) It would remove us from the white saviour status, given to us by the immigrant Muslim community.

10). Islam protects the culture of the people. When the Habashi Muslims did their sword ceremony during Eid, Umar (ra) wanted them to stop as it was not an Arab custom, but Rasoolullah (pbuh) wanted them to continue. Islam is not a predatory religion, and every Muslim society, whether in China or Pakistan, kept many aspects of their culture. Why not an Italian Islam, a Swedish Islam, a British Islam?

European Descendant Muslims

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  1. This is a good approach. There is nothing wrong with giving precedence to marrying within your own culture or people within your background.

    I mean, many Muslim cultures prefer to marry even down to within their own extended family or clan or tribe – so Muslims should easily be able to understand why people would prefer to marry from their own background/culture.

    Their should be one caveat to this though – and this is across all cultures – the preference should be given to piety and righteousness above all else. Remember that of the four things the Prophet (s) mentioned as the reasons people marry a woman were; 1) piety and 2) lineage – so lineage is a legitimate concern for some people, but the Prophet (s) told us that piety should be the primary concern. If you find someone that fits the profile of a righteous Muslim and they are from your own background, then you are blessed from both aspects. Do NOT marry some idiot that is a materialistic loser just because they are from the same background as you – that is death for the spiritual environment that you will raise your kids in.

    Just some thoughts – and I really enjoyed the article.

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