Many white converts do not like the identity politics. One of the reasons for this, is that for them Islam is much more than their identity, it is their conscious choice of the meaning of their life.

The other is that there is no place for them in the identity politics. After all, it is based on the opposition of the white identity to the colored, and in particular, Muslim identity as the opposite of the white one.

The reasons for this are clear – most Muslims in the West do not consider themselves to be white. Therefore, they naturally support the idea of ​​mobilizing Muslims to confront white supremacism. In America and Europe, this can be acquired in slightly different forms, but in general this is a universal trend for the whole of the West.

White converts feel uncomfortable in this situation, because they are between the two extremes.

On one hand, of course, white Muslims reject the ideology and practice of white European racism, otherwise they would never have become Muslims. After all, white racism or white nationalism is not only about the color of the skin, but about the superiority of European civilization or culture, which is regarded as pagan or Judeo-Christian, but in any case incompatible with Islam. “Islam does not belong to Germany” -this is the slogan of the Islamophobic party “Alternative for Germany”, but on the whole, all white or European supremacists and nationalists also regard Europe or the West. A white man who shares such views will never accept Islam, so accepting Islam is already proof that such a person has abandoned a racist or culturally supremacist worldview.

On the other hand, the opposition to white racism in many cases has acquired the character of anti-white racism. Often expressed trough hostile acts directed against the whites, regardless of whether they are racist or not. Even more often, whites are being blamed for racism for the same things that are considered perfectly normal for the other races. That is, with this approach, whites are always suspected of racism, if not explicitly, than secretly.

White converts are no exception to this rule. Moreover, as we have already mentioned, even non-white wives and children cannot ‘’save’’ them from suspicions and accusations of racism. Neither their relationship with non-whites, nor long years of work in mixed communities is a guarantee that one day, when they make a statement that runs counter to the policy of identity, they will not be labeled white supremacists. Oh no, they are not necessarily called racists, but they will make it clear that as “white liberals”, “white converts” or “white academics” they are unable to understand the problems of the victims of white supremacism.

In the reality of identity politics, a conflict between identities is inevitable. But the problem with white converts is that unlike the holders of other identities, they do not have the place where they will be accepted when they are attacked from the outside. Any Arab, Pakistani or African will always find sympathy with his fellow tribesmen if he or she is attacked for his identity. White converts do not have those who would support them, because often even in their own families, their children are hostile to white identity.

Of course, many will say that like real Muslims, we must be above this. Instead of concentrating on our grievances, we must try consiliate the believers, heal them from all forms of racism, call them to unity on the basis of Islam and set an example in all of this.

Yes, it is true that, ideally, Islam should not be one of the identities in a non-Islamic society, but instead offer an Islamic alternative to the whole society. However, Muslims in the West have not been able to achieve this. Just because Muslim immigrants could not go beyond the politics of identity, and because the white converts lacked the determination and will to propose and implement a strategy for the entire Islamic community.

Therefore, now there is what it is. And the reality is that in order to go beyond the policy of identity in the foreseeable future, the Islamic community in the West has no real chances.

What remains for white converts to do in this case? Obviously, they need their own identity politics. Whether “white liberals” and “white academics” like it or not, but without it white converts will not be taken seriously nether in Islamic, nor in the white communities. On the contrary, if the white European Muslims, instead of being embarrassed by their identity, will be proud of and develop it, they can be mediators between the Islamic and white communities, ensuring that the whites no longer hostilely perceive Islam, and Muslims do not perceive white people as hostiles.

Otherwise, without having an identity politics, white European Muslims will remain hostages of the strangers.


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