It rests a beauty skimmer over the v-formation of the flying geese. They form a floating sky-plume plow that seems to clench fertile clouds to allow invisible seeds to be planted. It’s a fun-filled myth that the goose at the front acts like any kind of celestial bird guru or leader. In fact, geese often change their place in one kind of collective spirit for everyone’s benefit. Together they can fly 70% longer. It is a silent agreement for common energy to fly all the way forward. Flaxing and creaking. The geese need each other. People are no different. Unity is strength.

The societal trends in the present can be termed as the psychology of the sandwich table. During the time of individualism, everyone wants to taste everything and everyone is violated if the sauce is over. Everyone wants to be at the front of the queue, but nobody wants to show up (solutions) or fade away (failures). Everyone wants to be heard and seen but no one wants to listen or see. Individualism’s brother is rootlessness. The collectivities of collectivism are strangers. Nobody seems to be home somewhere, some find a new home elsewhere, in the home behave like strangers and in the global village are all electronic friends with everyone.

On the sandwich table there are so many dishes that no stomach can accommodate them all. One has to choose. Human beings are by nature selective. If the man turns his face against a weather line, she turns her back to another weather line. Selectivity, however, must not cause myopia or self-absorbed shadows to prevent us from seeing the actual width of the horizon. Some exile rites converge to Christianity because they want to be Westerners. It is not necessarily so much about Jesus. But over time they become what they were looking for. Some secular Swedes convert to Islam because the virus of exoticism has infected them. It is not necessarily so much about Muhammad . But over time they become what they were looking for. However, there is a particular beauty in that people are prepared to change their lives. It is a good sign that in our time we can see such spiritual migration. We converts are migratory birds, a heavenly plow. But in nature, single migratory birds must return home sooner or later. Our converts are like Salman al-Farisi who started out alone looking for the truth. He was given such a rank that the messenger said he belonged to Ahl al-Bayt. We are single migratory birds. We did not embrace Islam as a group of our families, our people, people of our city, such as Berbers, Arabs, Persians and Afghans did.

But for those converts infected with the virus of exoticism and living a test-on-Islam, tastes over-the-counter mythate, sips dhikr in foreign languages, smells of exotic incense, feeling jama’a, we have to declare Islam is not one choice among many. Islam is not an exciting and foreign subculture among many. Islam is neither a suburb nor Östermalm. Islam is not culture, spices, architecture and oriental rugs. Neither algebra, optics nor geometry. Today, even the Arabian Yahiliyya culture or medieval Arab culture protects against the original way of life (iman, Islam, Iraq) that the messenger came with.

Islam is the truth of the Lord of the World. Islam is not something you choose. It is something that is guided to. Crushed in front of and built in. Curiosity is beautiful. Self-hatred and self-esteem are repulsive. Here we must remember the v-formation of the geese and capture the one who travels by our side and explain that both desert sand and Skåne’s fertile mill are created by the same Lord.

People want to be something they are not and live all their lives as actors. Young Swedish villapojas dress in puffy American gettokläder. Swedes grow dreadlocks and sing in Jamaican. Some conversions are arabized. It’s really not strange than, to see indians in English costume or Japanese in baseball cap or a woman in Ghana who thinks God is a white man. Cross-fertilization is, however, of goodness. Identity enrichment is no crime in Islam. Identity weakness, on the other hand, is an evil act. Denying its origin (nasab) is a serious crime. Living all his life in someone else’s boots is sad. There are not many who know that Tunisia’s red felt hats originate from Italian medieval fashion or that the Saudis red headdress is an English invention. But are people really so terrified to be themselves? The search for God is and remains the most beautiful. The honest heart’s seek should not be stained with identity tourism. Complexity arises from everyday needs. We are not geese, we are humans. We need each other, heat and nutrition. The V formation stands for Vi.

Everything can be summarized in the boxing coach’s words, “Herein are all equal. Everyone has two arms and two legs. You all smell disgusting when you sweat and everyone bleeds the same blood. Ifyou disagree, the door is there! “

I found my faith and my identity in Islam. There is nothing else for me. Islam permeates all of my existence. But to be a Muslim, one first needs to be be human. So invest everything on becoming a human being, for it’s only a true person who can at all understand. I need you, We need each other. I’m a hawk but I need the geese. I need your creaking (speech) and your flaxing (action). 

Abdussalaam Nordenhök

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