I`ve heard an uncountable amount of times, from converted Muslim women from Eastern Europe, that their Facebook profile is groaned of marriage proposals from Arabs, Pakistanis, etc. I assume that in Western Europe, the situation doesn`t differ a lot from Eastern Europe, which I am well acquainted with.

As a white Muslim, I have also been catered to by women from South Asia and the Maghrebo. And I’ve heard from one my friends about a specific, exact proposal from a rich Malay girl, that wanted a European Muslim husband.

It all means that European converts are popular as spouses in North Africa, in South Eastern Asia, in the Indian Subcontinent and in Arab countries – everywhere, except in their own countries!

The experience tells me that converted Muslim men and women of European origin are not usually interested in husbands and wives from their own nation or, at least, race. The only exception – white European nations, established nations, whose members are usually married inside their own people. But now, we`re talking about converted Muslims.

Can it be true, that Europeans, when becoming Muslim, become haters of their own race? We`re not speaking about its infidelity and its traces in culture or Western civilization – but his own genotype and own people? If it so, it is a threatening message for half a billion Europeans, because it means, that Islam brings destruction for their own race, after having existed on this continent for thousands of years. They could change their religion and language – but they can preserve their own race. But if they`ll convert to Islam, it will destroy them – this is the message, sent to Europeans by converts. This thought is infiltrated oin minds by racists-islamophobes, and this thought is consciously or unconsciously is sent by European converts.

If not, there is a question: why do they want to destroy their own genotype in their own descendants? Why do they, if even they were born into white Muslim families themselves, why do they want to make their own descendants non-white? Of course, there are a lot of white Europeans – enough not to be extinct because of European Muslim converts` choice. But they – Europeans – see, that usual rule for converts is oblivion of their own race. So, they make a conclusion: they are going another way – and we also have our way, different from these people. We are not on the same way with the thing, that makes them so different – with their religion, Islam.

Listen – stop preventing our people from becoming Muslim! Islam never was such, as it is been imagined by yourselves – It has nothing common with racism, with the hate towards race. And, of course, it has nothing common with hate towards your own people! Islam brings not self-destruction, but renovation and curing for people. Yes, of course, there can be some percentage of mixed marriages for genofund refreshing – but it doesn`t mean, that converts should feel hatred towards their own peoples. Especially, when converts are being popular as spouses within traditional Muslim nations!

Why won’t European Muslims learn Egyptian or Indian Muslims – and Muslim women from Muslim women from South East Asia?

In one Western country with big Indian Muslim diaspora I was proposed to make marriage dating and marriage immigration of Eastern European Muslimas. So why haven’t we yet made something for us – meeting converted Muslims from Western and Eastern Europe, from Southern and Northern Europe, local Europeans and White Muslim Americans, Australians and South Africans?

We should make marriage priorities of Caucasian Muslims for their own natural norm. And a normal situation is, when a member of an exact population trying to marry his own people and preserve his genotype within themselves. There could be some exceptions – but only as exceptions. And when exceptions become rules, rule become an exception. And there’s something wrong with such a population. Or – in our case – with members of this population, that became Muslims. Because other nations and races in Islam have no such problems.

So, can we prove, that Islam is not a problem – but a solution of problems for our people?


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