Song “Devet Heroja” which means “Nine Heroes” in Bosnian, and it is a story about nine martyrs of Bosnia, who sacrificed their lives for the survival of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people.

The visuals in the video are stunning, and the editing is on point. Translation is below.

The barricade of our freedom is the river Drina
My brother, do you remember Hajrudin Mesic?
The brave captain of the first brigade of Teocak
The resistance and hope of the land of Bosnia

Our general Izet Nanic
Whose words affected human beings
He brought grief to the enemies of Bosnia
The warrior and Hamza of the Buzim brigade

You would be much sadder, Bosnian mother
If we were not being led by the hero Safet Zajko
With elevated hands, in the silent Žuč
Make a supplication for Enver Sehovic

Our thoughts are with Safet Hadzic
And we will give our lives for Bosnia
And with illuminated hearts, full of light
Like the hero of Mostar, Midhat Hujdur

In the beauty of the deen, and with your Ya-sin
You shall recite the letters for Mehdin Hodzic
Where dreams of freedom are being made
Where new swans will fly

With the glimmering river Una,a hoor took
This soul of paradise, Adil Besic
With a Fatiha, we now end this story
By mentioning the hero of Dubrave Gornje, Nesib Malkic

The chorus:

There are nine martyrs, Bosnian heroes
They are of our blood, of our lineage
Remember them well, my home
They are of our blood, of our lineage

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